Antares Polo Aeronáutico

complete infrastructure right

in the middle of new connections.

Impressive numbers reflect the dimensions of what we have planned, projected, and is being built, a unique airport, a challenging task to which
we are fully committed to completing within the established timetable.

  • Over 2 Million square meters total area;
  • FBO – Complete ground support for pilots and passengers;
  • Landing strip measuring 1980 meters in length, 45 in width;
  • Night lighting and radio support;
  • Lit taxiways leading to all hangars;
  • 2-story Arrival and Departure terminal for passengers, visitors, pilots and flight crew;
  • Food court, Radio control center, Shopping, Meeting rooms, Operations;
  • Refueling station and distribution center;
  • Logistics providers;
  • Aircraft maintenance;
  • Factories of parts and planes;
  • Air-taxi services;
  • Flight Schools;
  • Air ambulance services;
  • Training and courses for pilots and professionals in aviation;